Brand New Korea

Looking at Gwanghwamun, the heart of Korea, there are monuments to commemorate Choseon dynasty, such as King Sejong and admiral Lee Soon Shin. However, there has never been a monument that commemorates “Republic of Korea.”

People are gradually forgetting the meaning of the foundation of Korea in 1948. Increasing number of people rather thinks of Korea as “founded by pro-Japanese powers” or “should have never been established,” as taught by leftists.

Korea is the first ever republican country in our history which was established on the basis of liberty and republicanism. The whole free world joined together to destroy the ambition of communists from their expansion by shedding their blood.

Korea is the nation where has achieved unprecedented economic growth, maturity of democracy and revival of Christian faith. It is time to step forward as brand new Korea where resolves the international conflicts, leads for advancing human rights and takes the responsibility to the world mission.

ELPI is spreading the visions to the citizens to build brand new Korea.

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