Legal Policy

The term Political Correctness (PC) is becoming a big threat to our freedom. It is threatening our freedom of academy, ideology, consciousness, and even religion because of the regulation of hate speech.

Speaking out for democracy, but in reality, totalitarianism is rising through suppressing freedom of others by framing correctness of individual and community as a political logic, or even by trying to destroy democracy. They do not advance for human rights as a civil good, but specialized possession, preferences or impurity that enhance totalitarianism.

Our modern society is managed by policy and regulated by law. This is why we must defend our law and policy otherwise our freedom will be taken by totalitarians who speak for fake human rights and pretend to be democratic.

To enhance rights of freedom of citizens, ELPI researches law and policy. It is to support whose freedom has been violated by PC and totalitarians. For this, ELPI is forming a network with the domestic and foreign experts.

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