Greetings from Chief Director

To those who love our nation, Korea

What do you think it is mostly needed in our country today? That is proper understadning of foundation, identification and democracy of Korea, and to establish mature civil society such as U.S and Europe.

Looking at the reality, most people today do not know what kind of identity Korea was founded with, the nature of freedom although they speak of freedom and democracy, and because they do not know the value of democracy, have no idea how to defend the value.

Eternal Liberty Policy Institute (ELPI) provides education for citizens of Korea on the founding of the nation, democracy and civil liberties and right as an international perspective. Through international exchange that allows to experience a mature civil society of advanced countries such and U.S. and Europe, ELPI trains leaders with global sense and civil sophistication, so that they may contribute to the advancement of Korean civil society. 

Furthermore, by realizing the importance of Korea-U.S.-Japan relationship and through academic and other various exchanges, ELPI is going to contribute to strengthen Korea-U.S.-Japan relationship in order to develop civil society of Korea.

ELPI will take the lead to the new road ahead for brand new Korea and we want  you to be with us. 

Chief Director Paul   Junghoon Lee   

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